Wheel Decide

    Hannah Jensen
    By Hannah Jensen
    Most people have no idea the ramifications of the decisions to earn a living. All too often, we go through life without realizing exactly what actions we are currently getting into and what concepts we believe in. Every single one of the decisions we make in our time shapes our present. It shapes our identity as a person because we routinely follow the decisions we make without understanding them.
    If you are not happy with the results in your life now, trying to change your decisions starting today will do the trick to creating the person you want and the life you want in the future.
    Learn the power of decision-making.
    Before you start making a decision, you need to understand what it will be like. Any decision you make triggers a chain of events. Picking a number can lead to a decent decision. Once you choose to smoke a cigarette, that decision may lead to you choosing another one later to find that good environment. Unknowingly, after a day, it might disappear. But if you choose not to smoke that cigarette and make a decision every five minutes to focus your attention after doing so for a week, your cravings will decrease and you will be smoke-free.